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Held at Mana Contemporary in Chicago, Vision Quest 2013 is a three-day post-internet [IRL] translation of the dinca.org blog experience, featuring a handful of screenings and live A/V performances that travel the niches of internet art, computer art, new & experimental media, video art, avant-garde film and video, documentary, and ethnographic cinema.

Featuring *live a/v new-media* performances by Nick Briz, A Bill Miller, Jon Satrom & Ben Syverson (pox party), James Connolly, and an open call NO-MEDIA performance.

Featuring after party sounds from Sich Mang, DJ BLACKTWITTER, and Violet Systems, with visuals by Theodore Darst, Effie Asili, and Sam Goldstein.

Curated by Andrew Rosinski & Fern Silva.


Mana Contemporary is a ground-breaking venture bringing together influential artists, collectors, galleries, dealers and institutions into one core with the purpose of advancing the relationships and creating a single community. We are a comprehensive art storage and handling company. We work on any project, as small as wrapping a piece and as large as moving an entire museum. By creating Mana Contemporary, we are seeking a departure from the standards of our industry to create a facility and team that surpasses the norm in every way.



    The second program installment of Computer Blood features moving image video work that plies the territory of technology, internet art, and computer art — it's work that is disseminated online — and work that blurs the lines between new & experimental media, video art, and cinema.

    Featuring a subsequent performance by Nick Briz.

    After party sounds by Violet Systems with visuals by Effie Asili.

    Curated by Andrew Rosinski.
    (TRT 81 min, plus performances)
    Screening in sequential order.

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    Eric Fleischauer
    The Phonebook

    Chicago, IL | 2012 | 6 min | video

    Also available as a screensaver. (EF)

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    Anthony Antonellis
    Gradient Core

    USA/Germany | 2012 | 3 min | video | sound

    A colorful romp through the world of digital gradients. (AR)

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    Kim Asendorf
    Solo Show in Sim City

    Berlin, Germany | 2012 | 9 min | video | sound

    Solo show in Sim City brings art to a virtual place that has been developed as video game. It acts inside the limited boundaries of the game and lives from its unique aesthetic. (KA)

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    Jasper Elings
    Flashings In The Mirror

    USA | 6 min | 2013

    Flashings In The Mirror concatenates many found photos — older era “selfie” photos — into rhythmic and moving sequence, wherein each camera flash provides hypnotic eye trace . (AR)

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    Darja Bajagić
    Erotic Playing Cards

    New Haven, CT | 2013 | 13 min | video | color | sound

    "Erotic Playing Cards, Russian, 2007" is a video that visually investigates a deck of erotic playing cards, printed in Russia, in 2007. The video exposes the "original" versions of the photographs printed on the cards [of softcore pornographic models of mostly Russian, Ukrainian, and American origins] by utilizing the Google "Search by Image" function. (DB)

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    Bea Fremderman

    Chicago, IL | 2013 | 2 min | video | color | sound

    A digital collaboration between Bea Fremderman and Lauren Elder, with audio by Chris Gooris. (AR)

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    Jennifer Chan
    Deep Thoughts

    Chicago, IL | 2013 | 2 min | video

    This is the fatherfucking remix! (JC)

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    Jaakko Pallasvuo
    How To / Internet

    Germany/Finland | 2012 | 5 min | video | color | sound

    Part of an ongoing series of instructional videos by Jaakko Pallasvuo. (AR)

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    Scott Fitzpatrick
    Places with Meaning

    An active film typeset in the wingdings font, originally printed to 16mm, now on video, and an interesting reversal of sorts that provides a rare computer-on-celluloid aesthetic. (AR)

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    Meredith Lackey

    Chicago, IL | 5 min | video | color | sound

    Recorded a man in Ama, Japan to see what he could see. (ML)

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    Eric Watts

    Chicago, IL | 2013 | 4 min | video | sound

    A melange comprised of found footage of broken LCD screens. (AR)

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    Evan Meaney
    Context Aware

    Columbia, SC | 2013 | 1 min | video | sound

    The term 'content aware' is thrilling, terrifying. As when the first killer realized that what is now gone is never really gone. (EM)

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    Theodore Darst

    Chicago, IL | 2013 | 3 min | video | sound

    A walk through of the Garfield Park Nature Conservatory takes psychedelic turn. (AR)

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    Rick Silva
    Self Portrait With Plant.obj

    Eugene, OR | 2013 | 2 min | video | sound

    Wayward morphing fronds and frothing audio grow lush with vitality in this video self-portrait by Rick Silva. (AR)

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    Chris Collins

    Chicago, IL | 2010 | 5 min | video | sound

    Stock photo giant Getty Images is notoriously aggressive in policing licenses to their images. A minor infraction (or false positive in their image tracking software) will trigger a barrage of threatening legal letters and invoices demanding exorbitant licensing fees and penalties. These demands have never been held up in court, leading many to call their tactics simply "speculative invoicing," an act of strong arming the unaware and defenseless, mafia-style, into "paying up." This experimental documentary (sourced from an online forum post and created entirely with unlicensed Getty Images) brings their questionable practices to life. (CC)

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    Alexandra Gorczynski
    Cheerleading Machine

    Brooklyn, NY | 2011 | 1 min | video | sound

    Alexandra Gorczynski works in a wide variety of traditional and digital media to make work that reflect aspects of our heavily networked and digitized lifestyles. Computer imagery and aesthetics are prevalent in her collage and painting, while her video works move between mundanity, scandal, surrealism, and sincerity to explore the phenomenon of private spaces on public fora.

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    Bunny Rogers
    Waiting For Anne

    NYC, NY | 2010 | 6 min | video | color | sound

    An intimate moment is shared between a young woman and man. (AR)

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    Emilio Gomariz
    Finder Fantasy

    London, England | 2013 | 1 min | video | sound

    A lurid, phantasmagoric fantasy featuring Apple's spinning finder wheel. (AR)

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    Jamews Lowne
    Our Relationships Will Become Radiant

    London, England | 2011 | 9 min | video | sound

    Three narratives unfold together. Inside a vast nature reserve sits a solitary building, a café, where an important meeting is being held by executives. Outside in the park - the collective singular lounge about wearing fancy garments. Images are exchanged, participation simulated: the interminable present. Meanwhile, the dormant wildlife fades away. (JL)



    This program sails the psychedelic sea of cinema, where froth and foam wash the third eye of the viewer. Presented in two parts with an intermission in-between.

    Featuring subsequent performances by A Bill Miller and a pox party by Jon Satrom and Ben Syverson.

    After party sounds by Sich Mang) with visuals by Theodore Darst.

    Curated by Andrew Rosinski & Fern Silva.
    (TRT 129 min, presented in two parts, plus performances)
    Screening in sequential order.



    (TRT: 66 min)

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    Mike Stoltz
    With Pluses and Minuses

    Los Angeles, CA | 2013 | 5 min | 16mm | sound

    This morning the window blew its glass onto my face. Real morning with pluses and minuses (my symbols for truth). (MS)

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    Alexander Stewart & Lilli Carré
    Crux Film

    Chicago, IL | 2013 | 5 min | color | sound

    Precarious and fluid arrangements constantly interrupt one another in a montage of waiting, anticipating, and transitioning forms. Arrangements of marks and geometric forms are faced with unresolved states. Objects struggle to maintain their shape, stay upright, or avoid disappearing. (AS & LC)

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    Michael Robinson
    The Dark, Krystle

    West Danby, NY | 2013 | 9.5 min | video

    The cabin is on fire! Krystle can't stop crying, Alexis won't stop drinking, and the fabric of existence hangs in the balance, again and again and again. (MR)

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    Michael Wawzenek
    Breakbone Fever

    2013 | Chicago, IL | 7 min | video | sound

    An all consuming fever takes its toll as it transfixes and grows. (MW)

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    Esther Urlus
    Deep Red

    Rotterdam | 2012 | 7 min | 16mm | silent

    Dense, addictive, multi-pass, colour printing with trees shorn of their leaves transformed into thirty six layer deep technicolour. (EU)

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    Brenna Murphy
    Tomutonttu ~ Siat Nousevat Vuorelle

    Portland | 2012 | 5 min | video | sound

    Music by Tomutonttu from Elävänä Planeetalla 12" on New Images 2011. Video by Brenna Murphy. (BM)

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    Sabrina Ratté

    2012 | Montreal, Canada | 2.5 min | video | sound

    AURAE is a video based on a photograph manipulated digitally and then transformed through a video synthesizer. The architectural forms constantly falling apart and their changing textures evoke the ephemeral nature of perception, and suggest the idea of time and its influence on this perception. Music by Roger Tellier-Craig (SR)

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    Stephani Barber
    Flower, the Boy, the Librarian

    Baltimore, MA | 1996 | 6 min | 16mm | color | sound

    For those who find listing and repetition romantic. A near perfect structure. Three acts, an auditory red herring and classic love story. (SB)

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    Shambhavi kaul
    Mount Song

    Mumbai/Durham, NC | 2013 | 9 min | video | sound

    A current runs underneath. It creeps under the door, makes its way into the cracks, revealing, obfuscating or breaking as clouds in the sky. Mountain, cave, river, forest and trap door; martial gestures reiterated, stripped and rendered. A storm blows through. A parrot comments from a flowering branch. Here, surfaces of set-constructions are offered for our attachments. (SK)

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    Kerry Laitala
    Afterimage: A Flicker of Life, Version 1

    San Francisco, CA | 2010 | 12 min | 16mm | sound

    "Afterimage: A Flicker of Life" incorporates etchings, archival photographs, inter-titles, found footage and live action material to create cinematic sequences of motion analysis. Beginning with an animated wood-cut of a beating heart, "Afterimage- A Flicker of Life" traces a trajectory of 19th Century photographer Edweard Muybridge and scientist Étienne-Jules Marey's works using the artifacts that they left behind. (KL)



    (TRT: 63 min)

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    Tomonari Nishikawa
    457 Broadway

    Vestal, NY | 5 min | 16mm | sound

    My works would show my interest inmedia, formats, and filmmaking techniques that I choose to express particular ideas found at an event/phenomenon in public space. (TN)

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    Zahid Jiwa
    Oasis of Mirrors

    Brazzaville, Congo | 2013 | 3 min | video | color | sound

    The ebb and flow of the aeolian processes' spatial structure under this single shot of inspired manipulation is as natural and inevitable as breathing, unforced, rhythmic and healthy. (ZJ)

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    Leslie Thornton
    Binocular Series: Zebra 2

    NYC, NY | 2013 | 3 min | color | sound

    A cinematic duad between a zebra and a kaleidoscopic filter. (AR)

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    Sabrina Ratté
    The Land Behind

    Montreal, Canada | 2013 | 5 min | video | sound

    Traveling on an undefined territory where the illusion of a continuous tracking shot emphasizes an unreachable destination. Through the syncopated editing and multiple transitions, images of the area themselves become traveling entities, creating confusion on the level of the depicted space as much as with the level of its temporality. Music / Roger Tellier-Craig. Video+sound editing / Sabrina Ratté (SR)

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    Trisha Baga

    NYC, NY | 2011 | 13 min | video | sound

    A mixture of found and authored, analogue and digital footage spins an intriguingly fragmented narrative of exploration and discovery. (open file.org.uk)

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    Kerry Laitala
    Chromatic Frenzy

    San Francisco, CA | 2009 | 8 min | 16mm on video | silent

    Shot in the filmmaker’s studio, frantic colored lights permeate the atmosphere. Vibrating swathes of color, penetrate the darkness; searchlight spectrums of suspended crystalline forms inspired by the likes of Wolfgang Von Goethe, Itten, Belson, Fischinger, Lye and the ever immortal Paul Sharits and Harry Smith. Chromatic Frenzy creates, a colorful cauldron where primaries are mixed a cornucopia of suspended spectrums of light. Chromatic Frenzy delights the viewer with an alchemist’s view of suspended and refracted spectrums of light. (KL)

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    Simon Payne
    Twice Over

    London, UK | 2012 | 12 min | video | color | sound

    In Twice Over Simon Payne, has filmed off the screen, with a hand held camcorder, an original sequence of digitally generated coloured rectangles. The re-filmed layer and an original variation of it are then superimposed on themselves, so that the discrepancies between them generate a third element: differently coloured slender rectangles that judder between the main blocks of colour. In contrast to the many computer-generated works Payne has made over the last eight or so years, the texture and ‘noise’ of the analogue decay generated by re-filming (as opposed to digital copying) plays an important role. (Nicky Hamlyn)

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    James Lowne
    Someone Behind The Door Knocks At Irregular Intervals

    London, England | 2011 | 5 min | video | sound

    Julia spends the day at the leisure centre where she slips into a sombre reverie. As her thoughts continue she becomes aware of the possibility that perhaps she never came here at all. Outside in the sun, the stillness changes the road, its inherent notion of speed has dissipated, allowing the surface to be felt. (JL)

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    Shana Moulton

    SF, CA | 2013 | 9 min | video | sound

    The video Swisspering (2013), is framed by the act of applying and removing makeup. As the makeup is removed with a product called Swisspers, the body is, in effect, carved away. Through this act, Moulton investigates Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), defined as the physical sensation of pleasurable tingling that begins on the scalp and moves throughout the body that is often triggered by whispering. (SM)



    The Invisible Guiding Hand is with us where ever we go. This program examines the enigma of existence, whether it be indoors, outdoors, or beyond. Presented in two parts with an intermission in-between.

    Featuring subsequent performances by James Connolly and an open call NO-MEDIA performance.

    After party sounds by DJ BLACKTWITTER with visuals by Sam Goldstein.

    Curated by Andrew Rosinski & Fern Silva.
    (TRT 160 min, presented in two parts, plus performances)
    Screening in sequential order.



    (TRT: 87 min)

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    Laida Lertxundi
    A Room Called Heaven

    LA, CA | 2012 | 11 min | 16mm | sound

    American plains and high altitudes assembled in a B-roll structure take us to a place of sounds*. Plans américains show color and temperature shifts while an emotional room tone is sustained for the length of a 400ft camera roll. (LL)

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    Jennifer Reeder
    Tears Can Not Restore Her: Therefore, I Weep

    Chicago, IL | 2011 | 10 min | video | sound

    I construct personal stories about relationships, trauma and coping. My award-winning narratives are unconventional and borrow from a range of forms including after school specials, amateur music videos and magical realism. (JR)

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    Lori Felker w/ Implodes
    Scattered in the Wind

    Chicago, IL | 2013 | 6 min | video | sound

    Lori Felker is an artist/filmmaker whose work focuses on the ways in which we process, share, and disseminate information, via screens, dreams, gestures, games, and dialogue. By employing and pushing these structures, she attempts to study the ineloquent, oppositional, delusional, frustrating, and chaotic qualities of human interaction. Lori loves to collaborate and when Implodes (Kranky Records, Chicago) asked Lori to make a video for their awesome song, she said yes. (LF)

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    Jennifer Reeves
    Strawberries in the Summertime

    NYC, NY | 2013 | 15 min | video | sound

    A two and a half year old boy revels in all things tiny and huge on and around a farm. His father supports his exuberant and insatiable curiosity of new experiences– from wall climbing to discovering the natural world. As a father-son bond grows, the mother with camera observes, hangs back, dives into a solitary landscape and returns. (JR)

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    Shana Moulton
    Unique Boutique

    SF, CA | 2013 | 9 min | video | sound

    In Unique Boutique (2013), Cynthia experiences an identity crisis triggered by shopping. Unable to afford most things in the shop, she purchases a bubble-wrap decoration with a mysterious function. (SM)

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    Andrew Lampert
    Taste Test

    NYC, NY | 2012 | 2 min | video | sound

    This is a 45rpm motion picture. "Hit it and quit it." — James Brown. (AL)

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    Lucas Millard & Kate Stryker

    NYC, NY | 2013 | 11 min | video | sound

    Ananda travels from the streets of Kathmandu to the blood-bathed temple of Dakshinkali. (KS)

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    Sam Easterson

    Hartford. CT | 2012 | 3 min | video | sound

    Burrow-Cams features footage from cameras that have been placed inside underground animal habitats (dens, burrows, etc.). Animals showcased include: burrowing owl, black-footed ferret, porcupine, badger, prairie vole, swift fox, deer mouse, and black tailed prairie dog. (vdb.org)

    Presented by the Video Data Bank.

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    Ben Russell
    Let Us Persevere In What We Have Resolved Before We Forgot

    Paris, France | 2013 | 20 min | 16mm on video | sound

    "John Frum prophesied the occurrence of a cataclysm in which Tanna would become flat, the volcanic mountains would fall and fill the river-beds to form fertile plains, and Tanna would be joined to the neighbouring islands of Eromanga and Aneityum to form a new island. Then John Frum would reveal himself, bringing in a reign of bliss, the natives would get back their youth and there would be no sickness; there would be no need to care for gardens, trees or pigs. The Whites would go; John Frum would set up schools to replace mission schools, and would pay chiefs and teachers." (Peter Worsley)

    Presented by the Video Data Bank.



    (TRT: 73 min)

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    Rebecca Meyers

    Boston, MA | 2013 | 6 min | 16mm

    A charm; a siege; dissimulation. Descent and watch. Avian voices link gesture and snowfall, macro views of whiskered branches and furry firs. (RM)

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    Deborah Stratman
    Immortal, Suspended

    Chicago, IL | 2013 | 6 min | video | sound

    The idea of suspension is evoked on shifting registers – as levitation, cessation, preservation, and suspense – and located in sites whose identities slip as we track through a space within a space. (DS)

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    Stephanie Barber
    For W.G. Sebald (Travel Without Travel)

    Baltimore, MA | 5 min | 2011 | video | sound

    A collection of titles from a honeymoon trip around the world in the early 1950s. The poetics of the words assert themselves, diminish the images which are tethered, physically and as regards our understanding of place, to the names of the sights. The entirety becomes a moving and concrete poem. From JHANA AND THE RATS OF JAMES OLDS series. (SB)

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    Basma Alsharif
    Farther Than The Eye Can See

    USA/Palestine | 2012 | 13 min | video | sound

    Basma explores the human condition in relation to the subjective experience of Political history. She creates complex soundtracks and employs various languages, texts, images, mediums and formal strategies to transmit information through the visceral experience of cinema. (BA)

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    Jasper Elings
    Sharing A Beautiful Sunset

    The Hague, Netherlands | 2009 | 1 min | video | sound

    A video composed with shared sunset photos found with Google Image Search. (JE)

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    Sarah Christman
    Gowanus Canal

    Brooklyn, NY | 2013 | 7 min | 16mm (to HD) | sound

    Just below the surface of one of the most contaminated urban waterways in the United States, microorganisms thrive amidst the toxic waste. (SC)

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    Chris Kennedy
    Brimstone Line

    Toronto, Canada | 2013 | 10 min | 16mm | color | sound

    Three grids are placed along the Credit River in rural Ontario. They become devices through which the stationary camera, pointing upstream, delineates the landscape. They motivate the movement of the zoom, which intensifies our sense of the field of view, narrowing vision and flattening space. The river, framed momentarily, flows past. Financial assistance provided by the Toronto Arts Council. (CK)

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    Zahid Jiwa
    As Falesias

    Vancouver, Canada | 2013 | 5 min | video | color | sound

    I wake up from Zannone, but the sea, cupping this feeble rock, is still washing through my dreams each night. No matter what shore I reach. (ZJ)

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    Jesse McLean
    The Invisible World

    Iowa City, IA | 2012 | 20 min | video | sound

    The present world is packed with objects that evidence human productivity, yet the desire to possess things remains somewhat mysterious. Lifeless objects become imbued with emotional significance, and possessions linked with personal identities, even as these objects bear a cool and distant witness to human struggles. The rapidly arriving future portends an intangible new world of virtual experience. How will we relate our materialist tendencies in this new world of immateriality. (JM)


    Curated by: Andrew Rosinski & Fern Silva

    Held at: Mana Contemporary 2233 S. Throop St, Chicago, IL, USA (MAP) @ 7PM (FB)

    Graphic design for web and print by: Will Thomas

    Website coded by: Joseph Yølk Chiocchi(source)

    Screen printing by: Erik Russell

    Audio by: Simple A/V

    Live audio mixing by: Steve Emling


    Mana Contemporary, Ciara Ruffino & Nicholas Wylie, Chris Collins, Alexander Narinskiy, Will Thomas, Erik Russell, Daniel Postilnik, and Amelia St. Peter Blair.